Terms and Conditions

1. By enrolling in Electronic Billing, I will no longer receive a printed copy of my bill listed above. Instead, my bill will be sent through email on the address indicated above.

2. It is my responsibility to open my email in order to check my monthly electronic bill sent through the Distribution Utilities' Electronic Billing.
I hereby understand that my electric bill(s) is/are deemed delivered at the time when my electric bill is electronically recorded as "Sent" in the utility's Billing System.
Hence, I may be disconnected 48 hours from the "Sent" date of my Red Bill/Disconnection if I fail to pay the amount required within that time.

3. Service disconnection process will commence if I fail to pay within 48 hours from the receipt of an electronic Red Bill/Disconnection Notice.

4. It is my responsibility to reapply for an Electronic Billing in case I want a new email address for the delivery of my eBill.

5. I can go back to the option of receiving a paper bill by applying for it and having my electronic bill cancelled.